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Quotes, Rhymez, n' Lyrics


"Too hard for MTV, not black enough for BET, just let me be..."
                                                                             -Jadakiss (The Lox- Recognize)


"You set yoself on fire... you're still not as hot as me"
                                                                      - Vision (Mind Right)


"You ni**az get me sick,
wannabe soundin like you know my arithmetic...
but we don't sound alike"
                            -NAS (Projects Too Hot)


"What if you had to pay for air? a dollar a breath,
Half the hood would fuckin pass out and choke to death"
                                                   -Fredro Starr (What If)


"If I don't llike a ni**a... I don't pretend to...
I'll have the paramedics wrappin' your fuckin' head like a Hindu"
                                                                  -50 Cent (Your Life's On The Line)


"We cry when we're born, n' we cry when we die...
So in for the time in between... I'ma enjoy life"
                                                        - Vision (Mind Right)


"What if Eminem was black? would he have sold five mil.
Or would he be 1 out of 5 million rappers with no deal?"
                                                    -Fredro Starr (What If)


"I'm emotionless, yet I breathe jealousy and envy
People kill for me or die to defend me"
                                                 -Sticky Fingaz (Money Talks)


"What if history was changed? slavery reversed
Would black ladies see white boys and clinch they purse?"
                                                    -Fredro Starr (What If)


"You know it's funny when it rains it pours
They got money for wars, but can't feed the poor"
                                                    -2PAC (Keep Ya Head Up)


"I keep chicks in my lap, throwing me head fakes!"
                                                         - Fabolous (Freestyle)